China, tens of tens of millions contaminated

China enters second wave

Poor knowledge, instances, infections, hospitalisations, deaths, genomes

Inhabitants 1,412,600,000

Will probably be contaminated in subsequent 6 weeks

Every day new an infection price over an 8 week interval

Per week = 176,575,000

Per day = 25,225,011

World meter

Precise deaths

Over the following 3 months

Due to this fact about 100,000 deaths per thirty days

About 3,300 per day

Inhabitants 1,412,600,000

An infection fatality price = 0.000207

Essential variants page/202211/1280588.shtml

Omicron, BF.7, (BA.

Sub-lineage of omicron variant BA.5


Flight into Milan’s Malpensa airport

Necessary Covid exams for flights from China

December 26

First flight, 38% examined optimistic

Second flight, 52% examined optimistic

Positives for use for genomic testing

Spallanzani Institute, Italy, Infectious ailments hospital

It could be higher if the coordination of surveillance ought to happen at a European degree

Screening passengers from China

Italy, US, India, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan

UK not testing arrivals from China

26 direct flights due in January

Half one million guests per yr

Immune-evasive / extra transmissible variant

A lot of folks contaminated as we speak

Some with immune compromise

Ongoing contact with potential animal reservoirs

Potential for reverse zoonosis

Professor Aris Katzourakis, Evolution and Genomics, College of Oxford

I’m not going to foretell a path, however there shall be a complete lot of alternative for fast change

Xu Wenbo, China, Heart for Illness Management and Prevention

Greater than 130 omicron sublineages,

detected in China during the last three months

The truth that 1.4 billion persons are instantly uncovered to SARS-CoV-2 clearly creates situations liable to rising variants

Antoine Flahault, Institute of World Well being, College of Geneva

Any variants, when extra transmissible than the earlier dominant ones, undoubtedly characterize threats, since they will trigger new waves

When is a covid loss of life a covid loss of life?

Prof Wang Guiqiang, Nationwide Well being Fee

Revised its tips,

to scientifically and objectively mirror deaths attributable to the coronavirus pandemic

Solely fatalities attributable to pneumonia and respiratory failure

Not deaths attributable to cardiovascular, cerebrovascular ailments, blood clots, sepsis

the primary reason behind loss of life from an infection with Omicron is the underlying ailments


  1. Is there a study on how many animals have died from covid. I doubt that any even died. . Is it jumping from animals back to human?

  2. But not in Africa'. Near to none.

  3. Tens of millions out of 1.4 billion is not surprising. The important thing is the deaths are occurring mainly among those above 75 who have pre-existing complications.

  4. the vaccines are the catalyst for all the problems created

  5. How do you know anything they say is true, china government is as much if not more corrupt then the untied states government. John you talk as if all this Covid virus bullshi$ is factual! Do virus really exist? The procedure they performed to discover them is preposterous!

  6. China 🇨🇳 will not report a new strain until the other countries get a outbreak 😷

  7. Is it really omnicom? Are you positive?

    Japan has already detected the new CM.2 variant from Chinese travelers. Japan has already detected the new CM.2 variant from Chinese travelers.

  8. I do not trust anything it seems second infection is worse of the same infection, listening to Chinese sharing their stories online! Trusting CCP and UK government is insane! China Insight reports of WHITE LUNGS” –

  9. Sorry, but the wet markets are an ingrained part of Asian culture and you’re not going to get rid of them.

  10. Where is Campbell getting his information on vaccination rates in China, rural elderly in China are largely unvaccinated.

  11. Interesting article from Doctor Campbell. His view on the new virus variant is also shared by the Norwegian health authorities.


  13. No accountability and most people around me just don't care…. But, they all will talk to me, at length, about the latest, stupid sportsball event.

  14. Where did the video go about more booster causing higher infection rates? Is there a link somewhere to that study?

  15. I really appreciate your studies of the statistics and how you have changed your view of the v@x. However, I was very surprised that you still believe the wet markets to be the source, and no reference to labs and gain of function experiments

  16. When will someone start a Class action lawsuit against the vaccine company's ? Thousands of people are suffering.

  17. The Japan airport discover over 70% have positive find in one plane from C…, but they are shamelessly try to get on board to Japan and even global. They board all the data of cases. Stop to globally share.

  18. Finally, the Chinese government has opted to grant the maximum number of Chinese people natural immunity that protects them from almost all future variants.

  19. Why is China not closing down these wild life wet markets? It's not like it's some kind of high tech industry that they can't do without.

  20. Tbe wet markets have to go. Travel should be banned until we have more data. Africa has low numbers, and yet China is getting worse. Why are the wet markets not banned? The data doesn't seem reliable in Asia.

  21. Stop the fear mongering. You cannot trust anything coming out of China. This is just another play at closing down the world and bringing in lockdowns.

  22. Wet market in Wuhan is not unique . You find them not only through out China but millions all over Southeast Asia. There are even more exotic animals in the latter countries. Fish is slaughtered in the market to insure freshness. It is a wonder why no more incidences of zoonotically transmitted infections from those markets than reported.

  23. When you lock people down for years, their immune systems are going to crash. China has not only ensured that far more people will be infected, but they have also made it so that most will be far more ill than if they had just gone about life as usual.

  24. A new omicron subvariant called XBB.1.5 is now the dominant covid-19 strain in the US.
    China not stopping animal wet markets, surely should prove that the "story" of Covid coming from animals isn't true.

  25. How many of these deaths are vaccine related?

  26. Well, I'm sure it's for real this time. Last one was a hoax, but they totally aren't lying this time. We should all be locked in our homes for 10 years while a "vaccine" is created.
    Or we move on with our lives and remember that the CCP will totally murder the Chinese population to scare the world.

  27. Thank you Dr John Campbell for your updates with facts and figures.

  28. So many logged replies gone 'missing in action',good job YT.(No doubt this one will too…)

  29. Fatality rate estimated of one in 5000 infected seems very low right, the initial alpha wave was nearly 1 in 100; granted pre vaccine

  30. Is this the big pivot? 'Don't eat meat from wild sources' and (by the way) don't eat meat from farmed sources either!

    Are you a veggie or vegan? What is wrong with eating meat from an animal you have hunted? or Farmed?

    Keep your focus – official lies about covid, don't abuse your platform/readership with zero carbon and other bollox – please.

  31. They should of stayed locked down

    Now China is infected with omicron.

    Good luck poor Chinese people.

  32. Elderly people in china live with their families, not in nursing homes. It costs the govt nothing.

  33. What is China doing besides having poor vaccines? Do the give out vitamin D and Ivermectin to the population?

  34. infected… based on a flawed testing system… it's all a numbers game and a manipulated one..

  35. Thats what i mean… either its blowed up, because their medicene is even less funded than ours. Questionable is as well how all these videos get out so easily and communist police dont stop it. Or there is something else going on in there and that would be bad for all of us. Anyway i still think because it is china it would be smart to restrict travel from there and to there until it blows over.

  36. Are they spraying the stuff around ……. it seems artificial

  37. US, Europe, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, and many developed and developing went through the deadly first wave in 2020 or 2021.
    China government had made a right decision for it's people. Now they know much more about covid and surely the death rate is much much lower than most of us.

  38. I don't believe them I think they are using COVID to cover up mass genocide

  39. I am experiencing and witnessing this new variant is going to affect many. I have a compromised immune system due to military service vaccine injury, and when the symptoms hit me two weeks ago, I knew I wouldn't survive without intervention. I have likely had it 7 times at this point, and the immune response worsens each time. The initial symptoms crept up on me, feeling of dread, slight itchy throat, and breathing became labored where it felt like my lungs were sticking together and passing out was iminent. Days later, painful eyes, malaise, and I couldn't deny I was sick. I immediately began taking some metronidazole on hand, and acyclovir to ward off the labored breathing. I went to the VA ER and there were several people unable to breathe or coughing uncontrollably. A nurse friend of mine is reporting people coming in with fevers above 102° that can't be brought down, RSV in children who can't take NSAIDS.
    For anyone with autoimmune disorder you have to keep specific items on hand. I use the published papers to support what I seemed to know instinctively which was to suppress immune response, keep the virus from replicating and overtaking our cells, and preventing infection. The immune response is what kills so focus on that aspect. I prefer naturopathic meds, but Western meds are complementary and I'm certain have saved my life. I will list what has been prescribed by practitioners and what I keep on hand for others to research. Stay safe out there.

    Metronidazole, azithromycin, Neem, quercetin, sambucca and elderberry, Prednisone, acyclovir, ivermectin, vitamin D and C, iron, zinc, Zicam and Cofix Rx nasal sprays.

  40. Good , thin the herd !

  41. I think i have it again. I fill like death on a soda cracker.

  42. Yet Canada reintroduced mandatory testing for individuals arriving from 🇨🇳! FFS!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  43. Gonna be lots of brain shrinkage from infected astrocyte brain cells that then release neurotoxins.

  44. Dr. Campbell, thank you for sharing your great insight into the COVID-19 vaccines and their limitations, and side effects. Are you aware that your latest video regarding the Cleveland Clinic study of over 50k people stating the more jabs you receive the higher chance of COVID-19 reinfection has been removed from this channel? The question is…Why are they hiding this important information and who are they hiding it for? Keep up the great work!

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