Everybody’s Bananas About Monkeypox | Ep. 1541

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The media proceed to push panic about monkeypox regardless that it’s virtually completely unfold through males who’ve intercourse with males; the media declare Republicans are elevating alarm about civil struggle; and we discover The New York Instances’ excellent wedding ceremony.

00:00 – Monkeypox panic
16:40 – The New York Instances’ excellent wedding ceremony
28:38 – Dem’s on the tradition struggle
32:18 – Looming civil struggle?

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  1. I work in a clinic. My supervisor is having a meeting regarding this "virus" I pray they don't make us take vaccines. I'll have to quit

  2. Here in Alabama, there are 69 cases of monkeypox confirmed. How ironic.

  3. "The media continue to push panic about monkeypox, even though it is almost entirely spread by men who have sex with men."
    Ben…. ohohohoo Benny Boy… "Almost entirely spread by men who have sex with men." What exact message do you think you're spreading by saying that. I get that you'd sooner set a gay person on fire than you would empathize with one, but Jesus Christ, if you could stop trying to re-enable GRIDS, well boy that would just be the best thing ever. If you really cared, you'd have put more effort into actually informing people. This statement only serves to make straight people think they're immune (they aren't), and further demonizes gay people (for no reason), which is what you wanted. You're not a journalist. You're a propagandist and I wish for a swift and unnatural termination of your career.

  4. I wish you had done more research on the H.I.V. , it is not a "gay disease" and neither is monkey pox. They are viruses. They cannot determine gender or sexual preference before spreading and infecting. I wish you well.

  5. NYT publishes that garbage?

  6. Queer woman +Trans man= man woman relationship but with a LOT of drama… Turns out they both like the opposite sex… weird…

  7. Straight people practice social distancing during sex.

  8. Everybody who has been vaccinated for smallpox has lifelong immunity because it is considerd a fam member of smallpox and the body can immediately stop the infection plus it is not very contagieus!

  9. Either loosen gun and self defense laws or fund police, you can't get rid of both cops and 2nd amendment.

  10. This Country gets sadder by the day.So much mismanaging of its resources by bureaucrats who have no risk of being fired.We will have a shutdown by election time over nothing ,that the media will make into a hysteria of hype.

  11. What bad things aren't gay men responsible for?

  12. What they also fail to mention is when most women get HIV it's usually from a DL/bisexual man. Nobody's stigmatizing gay men they're literally cause of most of these problems.

  13. They just can't give monkeys a break, even named gorilla glue after them, irony of it they keep us glued to them some how with viruses.

  14. The number of kids who got monkey pox from their gay uncles is too damn high

  15. At 3:49 I need to make a CORRECTION: that is indeed a GOOD weekend in Chicago
    XD love u Ben

  16. I remember the beginning of The aids epidemic Youth the health department tried to close down the bathhouses in San Francisco Save lives in to contain the spread The gay community fought them Tooth and nail Is they told people to mind their own business Is interesting how times have changed

  17. It’s actually not as simple as society supposedly valuing all sexual ethics equally….there are, for now not quite pervasive but no less real, expressed sentiments that homosexuality, transgenderism, etc are actually superior to the binary heterosexual ethic, and must ultimately replace it……

  18. Kamalah! You’re a liar! All the state laws have clauses for their doctors to recommend an abortion for reasons of mental or physical health of the mother!!! They left that openly broad so a doctor can decide – instead of trying to specifically only spell out in cases of insect or rape! R vs W was about ELECTIVE abortions NOT MEDICAL abortions!

    This illogical and dishonest VP needs to STOP LYING TO AMERICANS AND SPECIFICALLY WOMEN for political reasons!

    And the FIRST most valuable choice for ANY women is to have protected vs unprotected sex!

    People need to stop being such easily manipulated fearful shills and take a moment to understand how this is all working!

    The VPs and the left are using fear mongering and a manipulation of the truth to rule
    People up and to incite fear or
    Anger which are the emotions that make people unreasonable and respond emotionally instead of logically! It’s a brainwashing technique and those who buy this bullshit need to use common sense and step away from their egotistical and prideful attitude!

  19. A man from Baltimore went to a Florida gay parade an came back with monkey poxs. He said he believed he got it threw having sex an he also stated he was hiv positive 🤔 so its like why wernt you being extra careful then?? So now he bought it back to Baltimore.

  20. Yeah, they want to steal another election.

  21. In my mind, we need stds to promote healthy traditional marriages. Everything is permitted but not everything is beneficial.

  22. don't be raw dogging dudes 6 at a time and you'll be fine

  23. You know, people like Ted Nugent are flat-out saying that all Democrats should be brutally murdered simply for political affiliation. If you people are going to ignore this, and act like the Dems are the exclusive problem, then you may as well be him. It's quite plain that the right has every intention of killing people. Let's not pretend that we don't know this, ok?

  24. Rectal infection????

  25. These people are goofy…
    Over it.

  26. The right is really coming unhinged. You want to stop abortion then you complain about gay sex and masturbation, hypocrites.

  27. I find it comforting reading the comments on videos like these. Such a great reminder that there are a helluva lot of people who are still sane and normal!! God bless everyone of you!

  28. I dont agreewithyou on this one. While most cases are as a result of gay sex, it is not as a result of it being gay. It is important to make clear that this infection can be spread amongst straight people just as easily. I dont think its neccessary to view this through a political lense. In fact it could be dangerous to do so. The point is, you are not safe from this if you are straight.

  29. The one take away from the lesbian story is this leftist religion really does consume their entire lives.

  30. 1 thing all dem senators have in common – they all had Monkey-pox.

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