1. I don't think it's the most painful thing he's experienced 😏

  2. Well… don't care. I'm not gay so I'm not worried bout getting it

  3. Not gonna lie but you look like you have monkeybox

  4. Don’t go to gay orgies. Nothing to worry about.

  5. If you don't want to look like you have meth head acne don't be gay that's how you get this monkey pox

  6. Ya I still don’t give one shit about monkey pokes Or Covid

  7. Maybe just don't go to gay orgies?

  8. I’ve had chicken pox and people say it’s bad but it’s really not

  9. yea lets share more of this brainless stuff, the future is doomed anyway

  10. Well ig we all know what happened which caused him to get monkey pox 🙈

  11. stop fear mongering, thanks

  12. Love that no one learned shit after Covid

  13. No one died so it’s fine but thanks dide

  14. Yeah I'm not attending orgies so I'm fine.

  15. According to some medical websites 95% of people that get monkey pox are participating in gay activity.

  16. Just looks and sounds like they are renaming shingles

  17. Him touching it looks like a really good idea

  18. Thank God im from Iraq not usa

  19. You know that 96 % of vases are made by gay men having sex 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I aight even worried
    I guess this is the consequences of your actions 💯🤣🤣

  20. God is currently trolling gay people

  21. As long as you’re not having sex with other men you should be fine

  22. This men
    Is why you don’t be bisexual

  23. First sign of monkey pox is an ass pounding.

  24. First *gay american. Why people keep ignoring this detail is very telling.


  26. There were people who shared their COVID experience before the lockdown.. still people treated it as a joke and didn't follow social distancing

  27. Yeah this whole monkey pox thing is pretty much a hoax

  28. Oh my word people it's not the new covid chill out I can understand the fear but it's paranoia and you shouldn't let it control you

  29. Thankfully it's for gays only

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